Client Education

Client education is important to us because it allows the owner to take a more involved role in their pet’s health care. Dr. Jeff and his staff also believe an owner can more clearly understand when their pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian if they are properly educated. Please enjoy the following articles Dr. Jeff and his staff have written for your educational purposes.

Dog Days of Summer…Literally
H1N1 and Your Pets
What’s New With Small Animal Vaccines
Vaccination Protocol
Lymes Disease
Canine Heartworm Disease
Your Puppy or Kitten’s First Visit
Dentistry For Your Pet
Proper Protocol for Handling of Wildlife
Exercising With Your Dog
Four Way Snap Test… Just What Is It?
Small Animal Emergency Medicine – Present Day
Let’s Go For a Walk…Or Maybe a Run? Part Two: Heat Stroke/Heat Exhaustion